Removing popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings … really now who’s bright idea was that?!



We took it down and it was surprisingly easy, kind of therapeutic and messy (really messy)

What will you need?

Tarps (a TON of tarps) and tape

PLASTIC Scrapers

Plastic is really important as YOU WILL scrape to hard but plastic gives you WAY more room for error and metal does not .

Something to spray water (we used a weed killer sprayer and it was perfection.)

Google’s and Mask


 (safety first)

So first tape the tarps up on the wall one thing we learned is the more tape the better210211

This was our trial room, notice the lack of tape?


Next take a picture of yourself looking like a gigantic dork


This step is completely necessary

Spray water onto the ceiling (really get it saturated).


Then hold the scraper as parallel as you can and apply medium pressure to scrape off the popcorn it should come off like cottage cheese. If it’s not easy add more water.


Then scrape, scrape, scrape your little heart away.


You will need to get all white of the sheetrock, It’s a long process but worth it in the end. You will make mistakes, gouges and leave bits behind IT’S OKAY! Get off the ladder every once in a while and check what you have done. If you have gouges wait for the ceiling to dry and patch them with plaster.

The next step is up to you, you could ….

Sand and paint

Spray orange peel or knockdown texture (this is what we did)

Have a company come spray texture.

All and all it was definitely a learning experience but one I would do again. The harder part came later. J

So stick around we might just learn something

Xoxo Jessica


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