It’s Party Time!!

So my sister just turned 21….

jeeze I’m old

Anyway I decided to put my sick part planning skills to work to give her an awesome party

the theme?

Drunk Disney 

bahahahah I know its great

here are some things I put together

First was our treat bar…

225 227

The cookies were a huge hit I’ll post the recipe later 🙂

229 230

Did you know they make PRINCESS GOLDFISH … game changer


Yea Dinglehoppers (Ariel fan shout out)


Okay so I adapted Truth or Dare to be mostly dares and the singing portion is like what Jimmy Fallon does…the girls chose a song (Happy birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, Im a little teappot etc.) and an artist (Eminem, Beyonce, Shakira) and had to preform the song like the artist. IT WAS GREAT!

236 237 238

No 21st birthday is complete without a bar I made my famous Sangria (aka Princess Punch) and each girl got to take home a princess cup, a wine glass (that we decorated with paints and glitter), a little princess crown, a scrubby and a princess tattoo. I also Glittered a bottle of middle sister moscato (My sis is the middle sibling so it was perfect.)239 240224

We also had a photobooth complete with princess hair props as well as lips and tiaras I made.

We had a blast!!

Many of the girls said it was the best party ever…

and several requested I adopt them as a sibling hahaha


Oh and the awesome birthday cake.

Those are Strawberry Champagne cupcakes… YUM

yea it was awesome.

253 244

Glad to share our beyond cool experience …

xoxo Jecca


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