Picture Time!

Stopped by the house the other day and though I should take some before shots

before we get going on the updating.

Anyway here we go šŸ™‚



(okay I totally forgot to take an outside picture before the POD got dropped of but here is the one from the website)

Living Room-

DSCN1763 DSCN1764 DSCN1765

Loving the wood. (Fake stuff but still)


DSCN1766 DSCN1767

See those gorgeous new appliances? LOVE! (Ignoring the old stove)

Hallway (only because I have BIG plans for it)


Trust me BIG plansĀ 

Master Bed and Bath-

DSCN1769 DSCN1770 DSCN1771

LOVIN that garden tub and walk in closet!

Guest Bath-



Guest room/ Craft room-

DSCN1773 DSCN1772


Game room-

DSCN1775 DSCN1776

One of the only reasons I was apprehensive about this house was because this room has the only access to the outside But I have some ideas to make another access point … ONE day.


backyard download

It used to have an above ground pool but we are using that space to our advantage.

Anyway now you’ve seen the before’s stay tuned as we work on this happy little space.

Stick around .. we might just learn somethingĀ Wink

XOXO, Jecca


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